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Premium Houseboats in Alleppey!

Who would not crave to hurl themselves aboard when these adorable Kerala boat houses with a bamboo canopy overhead elegantly stroll down the backwater? Taking an Alleppey boat house cruise, you just not only immerse yourself in the unfathomed bliss of tranquil Alappuzha backwaters, which is part one of the largest lakes in India, but also you explore a magical place in a magical world where peaceful, nostalgic village moments are still cherished. Our Alappuzha boat houses, which are true traditional “Kettuvellams” furnished to modern standards, are the perfect choice for you to celebrate your family trip, honeymoon getaway, and friends gathering. You know what, we have a collection of stunning Alappuzha houseboat packages in store!

Premium Houseboat Alleppey, Kerala
Premium Houseboat Alleppey, Kerala

Amenities in Premium Alleppey houseboats

Just a switch from land to overwater can still make you feel at home in these premium Alappuzha boat houses with a wide variety of amenities. How can you not escape the mundane life back at home when hospitality and luxury compete with each other giving you a great time on board?

Itinerary for premium houseboat package in Alleppey!

Our premium Alleppey houseboats will allow check-in as early as 12:00 pm, leaving no time in starting the cruise that will last until 5:30 in the evening, whereupon the boat houses need to be docked. The cruise will be gentle enough for you to soak up beautiful village life and flora appearing on the shore.

A scrumptious feast with popular Kerala dishes will be served between 1:00 and 2:00 pm with the choices of veg and non-veg varieties. At 4:00 pm, you will be provided with a tea refreshment in order to keep your evening lively.

Once the boat is anchored, you are free to roam along the shore exploring the agrarian elements of Alleppey until the sunset. After dinner is served at 8:00 pm, it is your preference to whether retreat to the bedroom or stay up on the deck chit-chatting with your folk.

Premium Houseboat Alleppey, Kerala
Premium Houseboat Alleppey, Kerala

The next day, the cruise will commence as early as 7:30 am with breakfast served shortly afterward. For a one-night Alleppey boat house stay, 9:00 am is the checkout. If you have booked for multiple days, the itinerary will repeat.

For a long stay, we can help you customize your premium Alleppey houseboat packages with extra off-boat activities such as village walks, toddy shop food, sunset ride, fishing, and cultural events.

Never spare a moment in booking the best Kerala boat house packages from us because we show you Kerala the best!

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