Alleppey Houseboat, Kerala

Serenity on the Backwaters: 1-Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat in Alleppey

Experience unmatched luxury on Alleppey’s backwaters with our 1-bedroom deluxe houseboat. Indulge in tranquility, personalized service, and unparalleled comfort, creating unforgettable memories in Kerala’s serene haven.


Simplicity and Elegance Combined

Step into a world where simplicity and elegance intertwine seamlessly on the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala. Our 1 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat invites you to experience a serene escape amidst the natural beauty of God’s Own Country.

Our team at Alleppey Houseboats is dedicated to ensuring your stay is marked by a blend of simplicity and elegance. With a genuine commitment to hospitality, we strive to exceed your expectations. From personalized service to meticulous attention to detail, we aim to create moments that linger in your memory.

Whether you find solace on the sunlit deck, indulge in the flavors of Kerala cuisine prepared by our skilled chefs, or embark on a peaceful journey through the backwaters on a traditional canoe, each moment aboard our houseboat is an ode to simplicity and refined living. Come, discover a retreat where life’s beauty is celebrated through the perfect harmony of simplicity and elegance.

Why Choose Us?

Unrivaled Comfort and Simplicity

Experience unparalleled comfort on the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey in our 1 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat. Our space is a sanctuary of simplicity, where cozy interiors and uncluttered design create a retreat focused on your relaxation.

Personalized Service and Attention

At Alappey Houseboats, our commitment goes beyond providing accommodation – it's about crafting an experience tailored to you. Our dedicated team ensures your every need is met with personalized attention, making your stay a seamless and memorable journey from start to finish.

Immersive Cultural Experience

Choose us for more than just a stay; choose an immersive cultural experience. Our skilled chefs bring the flavors of Kerala to your plate, providing an authentic culinary journey. Explore the backwaters on a traditional canoe for a firsthand connection with the local culture, creating memories that go beyond the ordinary.



Chill Out with Elegance and Ease

Escape the hustle and bustle and step into a realm where relaxation meets sophistication with our ‘Chill Out with Elegance and Ease’ experience. Our retreat invites you to unwind in style, offering a laid-back atmosphere where comfort effortlessly blends with refined charm. Embrace a stress-free haven, where each moment is an invitation to chill out, surrounded by the elegance of simplicity. At our sanctuary, ease takes center stage, creating a tranquil environment that promises a delightful escape from the ordinary.


Indulge in the perfect escape, tailored to your desires, with our 1 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat. Whether you crave a romantic retreat, plan a family vacation, or seek a solo adventure, our deluxe accommodation ensures an unforgettable experience. Join us on a journey of tranquility and exploration, where every moment aboard our deluxe houseboat is a chapter in your personal tale of enchantment and discovery.

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